• Every fiberglass piece created by Waterdog Products is custom built to our customer's needs and specifications. Each piece is hand tooled and laminated. Our fiberglass products range from dry exhibit tanks, to transport tanks and large-scale aquariums.
    • Jellyfish Tanks

      Waterdog Products has been an innovator in jellyfish tank design since the beginning. Our kreisel, pseudo-kreisel and cylindrical tanks are designed to insure that the jellies stay safe and healthy in addition to providing a great viewing experience for the aquarium visitor.

      Large Aquariums

      Our specialty. Waterdog works closely with designers, architects, and aquarists to provide state-of-the-art aquariums of any size and shape for their projects. From 100 gallons to 40,000 gallons, our aquariums offer in-house glazing, integrated LSS fittings, custom tank stands, and other features needed for your "plug and play" aquarium solution.

      Dry Exhibit Tanks

      Waterdog Products utilizes the same principles to tackle the unique challenges in designing dry exhibits. From access doors to custom colors and odd shapes, your design is our goal.

      Transport Tanks

      Waterdog Products provides a variety of specialized transport and holding tanks, complete with custom configured plumbing and baffle systems.

      Other Fiberglass Products

      Waterdog Products' highly innovative staff produces a variety of fiberglass products to meet the needs our customers.